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What We Offer

When it comes to your wedding, our aim is to work with you to find the musical selections that will complement the other components of your celebration.This can include anything from playing acoustically for your cocktail hour, to playing background music for dinner hour and transitioning to a playlist of your favourite dance classics for later in the evening. 

Your music selection will not only set the tone for the day, but will be something that you and your guests will remember long into the future. Having played weddings from up and down the East Coast to as far from home as Ireland, we have the expertise to help guide you through the process, and ensure that everything runs smoothly the day of. 

Full List of Services

  • Ceremony
    • We'll play a prelude to set the tone as your guests arrive, play the bridal party down the aisle (to musical selections of your choosing), and follow the ceremony with a postlude while your guests head to the bar


  • Cocktail Hour
    • Often ambient music while everyone grabs a drink and makes their way to the dining area


  • Dinner Hour
    • Typically background music while your guests dine and converse


  • Traditional Irish Dance Music
    • We'll play reels, jigs, and polkas for at least as long as you can keep the ceili dancers on the floor!


  • Modern Dance Classics 
    • We'll compile your favourite modern dance classics and play them through our sound system. Basically like a DJ but without the commentary. 

Sound Samples

Ceremony Samples

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