Poor Man's Gambit is a trio of traditional artists comprised of Corey Purcell (button accordion, cittern, vocals, bodhran, dance), Dylan Richardson (guitar, tenor banjo, bouzouki, vocals), and Genevieve Gillespie (fiddle, vocals, dance).

The band's roots can be traced to the early 90's when Gillespie and Purcell met in Irish dance class at the age of five. The two pursued separate careers in the Irish arts, until finally reuniting in early 2015 with the addition of Richardson to form 'Poor Man's Gambit'. 

Initially formed as a pickup band, the trio quickly realized that their combination of musical styles was worth pursuing as a more permanent venture, as they are set apart by not only offering a varied array of instrumental combinations, but also by including the visual (and audial) element of dance. 

Though Corey, Dylan, and Genevieve were all raised in the U.S., they were brought up on the traditional music of Ireland, and all belong to musical families. Building on their roots as traditional Irish musicians, the trio's repertoire is also influenced by traditional music of other cultures including France, Scotland, England, and America, some of which can be heard on their latest release 'Kind Providence'. Several original tunes have also been included on the album including a waltz 'The Second Goodnight, and a jig 'The Nickel Plated Shoe'. 

Poor Man's Gambit is currently gearing up for their 2018 season, and hope to travel as far and wide as possible and make as many friends along the way. 

    Corey Purcell
   Button Accordion, Cittern, Bodhran,
                 Vocals, and Dance
Corey headshot
Having been introduced to Irish culture at a very young age, Corey quickly grew to love the Irish music and dance which surrounded him. Advancing rapidly through the ranks of the competitive Irish dancing scene, Corey soon found himself on the National, then World stage of competition. After competing for 14 years, and discovering that he preferred his own artistic and rhythmic approach to the strict form required by the judges, Corey transitioned from competitions to stage productions and performance. He now dances with several notable bands including the esteemed Irish group Danú.
Corey’s musical talents began developing when he was 16, and started teaching himself tunes on the Irish style button accordion which he bought himself for his birthday. Progressing quickly, he was soon studying under 7-time All Ireland Champion John Whelan, and began honing his technique under John's tutelage. Corey found his true calling in traditional Irish music, and rapidly branched into other instruments including cittern, guitar, bodhran, and voice. In addition to ‘Poor Man’s Gambit’, Corey also tours with ‘Ireland – The Show’.

You can learn more about Corey at his personal site - coreypurcellmusic.com

   Dylan Richardson
    Guitar, Tenor Banjo, Vocals
                and Bouzouki
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Dylan began taking traditional guitar lessons at the age of six, and transitioned his focus to Irish style backing when he decided to accompany his sister in a local talent show in 2008. Quickly advancing on the instrument, he was soon studying under the likes of Zac Leger, John Doyle, and Eamon O'Leary through private lessons and master classes. As his interest in folk music grew, Dylan began to teach himself bouzouki and banjo, and has become an accomplished player on both.

Dylan has known Genevieve for several years, after meeting her during her time with The John Whelan Band, and he first crossed paths with Corey at the 2010 New Jersey Folk Festival where they met at an impromtu session. In addition to Poor Man's Gambit, Dylan performs with his sister Haley regularly, and they released their first CD - 'Heart on a String' in March of 2015. You can find out more about their duo project here.

     Genevieve Gillespie
        Fiddle, Vocals, and Dance
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Genevieve (fiddle, vocals, dance) has been pursuing her passion for Irish music and dance since the age of five when she was first introduced to the fiddle. Growing up in a family of traditional musicians, Gillespie and her sisters traveled internationally for competitive music and dance championships until the age of 15 when she founded award-winning, Philadelphia-based Celtic band, Burning Bridget Cleary with partner Rose Baldino. The band's second album, "Everything is Alright," was awarded 2008's "Best Album of the Year" by Celtic Music Radio. After touring and recording for seven years, Gillespie parted ways with the group to pursue a competitive career as a professional Latin Ballroom dancer while earning her degree. She would go on to win numerous world titles before returning to the Irish arts scene in 2012 when she joined forces with the John Whelan Band. Gillespie has been appearing on stages with the group from New York City to St. Louis the past two years. She is thrilled to unite with Dylan Richardson and childhood friend, Corey Purcell, in Poor Man's Gambit.

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