The Album is Done!

We're very happy to announce that our new album 'Land of Sunshine' is complete and available through our store!

Thank you to all of our kickstarter supporters who helped bring the project to life! 

A Celtic Christmas Story

We've been working hard on the music for the Brooklyn Irish Dance Company's production 'A Celtic Christmas Story', and had our first performance last night in Long Island!

Only two more shows this run, hopefully we'll see you there!

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We proud to say that we SMASHED our Kickstarter goal, ending at 118%!

Thank you so much to everyone for your support!


24 Hours!

We've only got 24 hours left to get our album funded!

We're on track to get the albums manufactured and shipped to the Kickstarter backers before Christmas (yes, of this year)! MEANING that if you're looking for any…

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Preview Tracks!

We've finished the recording phase of the project, and are now on to mixing!

You can hear some current tracks on our 'Music' page.

Kickstarter Progress

We soared past the 50% mark last night, and are well on our way to hitting our goal!

Don't forget, this is an 'all or nothing' campaign, so if we don't hit out goal, the project goes unfunded!

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The Land of Sunshine!

We're super excited to release the video for the title track of our upcoming album 'Land of Sunshine'!


Experienced our first Appaloosa Roots Music Festival 10/10 would do again!