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'What's all this talk of kindly providence?' you may be thinking. WELL, 'Kind Providence' just so happens to be the title of our new CD which will be released on 9/23/16!!!

We're extremely excited about this project, and can't wait for you to experience our newest material!

Stay tuned, and mark your calendar for 9/23!!!

New Album!! 

We are delighted to be in the final stages of completing our new album 'Kind Providence'! 

To keep you all up to date, we've taken a few tracks (including the title track 'Valentine O'Hara'), and published previews of them on the 'music' page!  

Go take a listen, and enjoy!


We were thrilled to be included in the 2016 Musikfest lineup, and had a spectacular time performing at Volksplatz on 8/8! Thanks to all of you who came out, it was so nice to see so many familiar faces, along with some new ones as well! 

Stay tuned for updates as we'll have a lot to discuss soon!

Guestbook Feature: Now Available! 

It's come to our attention that some of our fans want to be able to express their love for us through this website in their own words.

To accommodate these awesome individuals, we've added the 'Guestbook' feature as a tab under the 'Home' page. 

Feel free to leave a comment, or just say 'Hello'!


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